Awards and Recognition

The Austin Award

Austin Cunningham was one of the greatest individuals to support the Orangeburg County Community of Character. He wrote an editorial each month on the Character Trait of the month and it was published in The Times and Democrat newspaper. The The Times and Democrat took 20 of his editorials and had them published in a binder. The newspaper gave us several of the books to give to the schools in order that they might be able to use them to teach the character traits.

The Orangeburg County Community of Character then decided to present an award to a Orangeburg County citizen that exemplifies the Character Traits that Austin had written about. The winner is announced at the annual Chamber Banquet each year. The award is a beautiful glass flame. This is a traveling trophy that is presented to the new winner each year at the banquet.

The three previous winners include:

  • 2009 Curt Campbell
  • 2010 Michael Salley
  • 2011 David Colemen
  • 2012 Don Tribble
  • 2013 Nancy Ayers

Recognizing a Person Who Supports the Character Effort.

Barbara Randall Clark has written and published several books for school age children and younger. Two of her books are Jump Start and 12 character traits of Community of Character K.i.d.s.

The Jump Start book is primary character traits for 4 and 5 year olds, written in English and Spanish. The book is in color and gives the meeting of each character trait in both English and Spanish.

The book " 12 character traits of Community of Character is written in English and includes special activity for each character trait. Ms. Clark allowed the Character program to have copies made and a copy was given to all students in the age group that the book was written for.

Barbara Randall Clark has been a wonderful ally to the Orangeburg County Community of Character. She is also an outstanding member of the Character Connector Program that meets very other month.

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