​​​​​​The Orangeburg County Community of Character Austin Cunningham Award ("The Austin") is a designation of the Orangeburg County Community of Character Initiative. It is awarded annually to an Orangeburg County citizen, group, or organization committed to a lifelong journey of demonstrating high standards in their actions. It is presented to an individual, group or organization that demonstrates and promotes character development through trustworthiness; respect; responsibility; fairness; caring; and citizenship. Click here for more about the history of the award and recipients: 

Selection Criteria:

  • Residents of Orangeburg County (or Orangeburg County based organization) who have earned a well-rounded high level of respect within the community through consistent service to the community.
  • The individual (or organization) is actively involved in exemplifying, promoting, and advocating good character as personified by Austin Cunningham's contributions to our Community of Character Initiative.    

Deadline for nominations is October 19, 2018

Please make your nomination by completing the form below and clicking "Submit" or send via our contact information found here: Contact Us

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