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We are continuing our efforts to be more self supporting.  We are identifying and working to implement programs that provide revenue from various sources (including more grants and fundraisers).  But we still need your support. 

Our Donors are very important to us.  We know that everyone's situation is different and expect that their ability to give will be different (We accept donations ranging from $5 to over $100,000.  Don't underestimate the value of the $5 contributions.  If the 92,000+ citizens of Orangeburg County each gave, that would total over $460,000!  We recognize that the ability to give financially varies by individual.  Some may prefer to focus on the gift of their time and volunteer. Each and every contribution supports us and reveals the desire of the community and friends who want to improve the world in which we live. 

Click on the designated buttons to make a payment and donate securely online using PayPal, or Network for Good, 

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