Awareness Band
Red. Embossed “Character Matters”. Fits most youth.

Orangeburg County Community of Character flags.

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"Character" merchandise

Awareness Band
Blue. Embossed “Orangeburg Community of Character”. Fits most older youth and adults.


Non-woven drawstring bag. Royal blue.

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“Porch Reflections of Orangeburg County”

This book is a compilation of photographic art by Noel Jernigan and stories about and from well known citizens in Orangeburg County. Their reflections of significant events and memories that had positive impacts on them were collected by volunteers. These stories show strong character of the past that have lasting impact on our present and future. 

Hardback. Copyright 2003. Published by Orangeburg Community of Character with the assistance of The Horne Foundation and The Orangeburg County Fine Arts Center.


Awareness Band

Golden Orange. Embossed “Character Matters”.

Fits most youth.

"Community of Character K.I.D.S."

A Comic Book for Teaching Character … for children up to 4th Grade. 12 Character Traits. Includes Special Activity for each Character Trait. Kids practicing character In Daily Stuff.

Paperback Copyright 2005. Published by Orangeburg Community of Character with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Orangeburg—Morning.

Coordinator: Nancy R Ayers

Authors: Barbara Randell Clark and Frank Martin

Layout, Graphics and Design: Lee Stillinger

Artistic Consultant: Donald Jarvis