We seek people of “Character” to make our Vision a reality.  We need people who care (CARING) enough to make a positive difference and are willing to commit (COMMITMENT) to ensuring that Orangeburg County becomes a premier place to live, work, shop and play.  If not you, then who?!  If not now, then when?! (If you’re noticing character traits being highlighted, it’s because “Character Matters”!  They aren’t just words of the month; they represent who we need to be to make a transformation.)  We need your wisdom, courage, endurance, creativity, patience, sincerity, compassion, cooperation, respect, responsibility and determination to make a difference!

volunteer committees

This list continues to evolve

  • Character Volunteers

  1. Help implement all OCCoC initiatives and programs (includes special event needs)
  2. Provide office support
  3. Booth workers at events
  4. Marketing (develop and coordinate material for social media posts; etc.)

  • Character Ambassadors

  1. Promotes Orangeburg County Community of Character
  2. Represents Orangeburg County Community of Character at events
  3. Helps secure and provide resources (people and financial)
  4. Recruits volunteers

  • Character Council

  1. Provides input on initiatives and programs
  2. Identify character traits
  3. Publish character material (identify appropriate material; publish inspirational quotes, etc.)

  • Mentoring

  • Faith Committee

  • Elementary School Representatives (selected by school)
  • Junior High School Representatives (selected by school)
  • High School Representatives (selected by school)
  • College Representatives (selected by school)
  • School PTAs or School Improvement Councils: (existing membership)

  1. Responsible for assisting with maintenance “Character Section” in school libraries
  2. Responsible for assisting with maintenance of “character reference” in “Parent Rooms”
  3. Assist in identifying and implementing school character initiatives

  • Character Business Representatives

  1. Promote Orangeburg County Community of Character initiatives and programs.
  2. Provide resources in support of the mission of Orangeburg County Community of Character.
  3. Ensure character traits and affirmations are prominently displayed and promoted.
  4. Ensure participation in county wide Character events.
  5. Work to earn the 'Character Champion' designation.

Complete and return the Volunteer form or register to volunteer online via GivePulse.