We live in a world with so many resources.  We're diverse.  We're talented.  And each of us has the power to make a positive difference in some way. Like the "Character Affirmation" states, " ... change starts with me ... ".  Because if not you, then who?!  

Most of us have moral character; it is what we have that reflects our core ethical values. But performance character enables us to act on our ethical values to make a difference in the world! Start at this very moment, identify what you can do right now that will have a positive impact!  And model excellent character as you go about each and every day!

If you can help us help you, click on the "Make A Difference" tab to discover additional ways to support us in our work: 

  • Volunteer
  • Attend and support events
  • Advocate

              Don't underestimate the value of performing the following:
              Mention monthly character traits at staff meetings, in board meetings, etc.
              Include character traits on agendas, printed materials that are used for the public (ex. receipts, invoices, newsletters, church                                  bulletins, etc.)
              Purchase a community of character flag and fly it proudly

              Include monthly traits on your marquee
              Talk about Orangeburg County Community of Character and character traits in your home, churches, meetings, social events

  • Nominate citizens and/or groups worthy of recognition
  • Follow Us (on the internet and social media)
  • Be a Sponsor, Partner or Member
  • Make a donation. Donations help support our initiatives and programs (at a minimum, they help provide character education material; sponsor/support events; and marketing and advertising)
  • ​Purchase Orangeburg County Community of Character ("Character") merchandise
  • Wear Orangeburg County Community of Character ("Character") merchandise

​the basics

Improve your character through mindful striving or let your character worsen through negligence and obliviousness.

What everyone can and should do!